Robo Charge offers a
modern platform around ev users.

Everything related to the use and management of charging points and charging tags is supported by the platform. This includes management, configuration, invoicing, reporting, etc.

The platform continuously tests itself and the charging points in the network, so that any issues are discovered earlier and resolved automatically if possible. In short, it relieves you, so that you can focus on other matters

WHY Robo Charge?

Indeed, what sets Robo Charge apart from its competitors? They all have great products for managing charge points and charge keys, so it makes no difference.

However, we do see differences!

Pay per Use

Nothing is more annoying than paying for something you don’t use or temporarily use a little less. We therefore believe that this is outdated. With us you only pay if you use our services. We also provide functionalities that you can switch it on and off at any time, which also ends the payment immediately.

No Contracts, No Obligations

We know better than anyone what contracts and obligations do to us. We have enough obligations and it affects our daily life. We don’t believe in keeping customers through contracts. We believe you will stay with us because we do a good job. We are going to do everything we can to keep you as a customer, but if it does happen, it should be possible immediately.

Low Tariffs

We keep costs low because of the drive to automate everything and the efficiency of how we do it. Obviously, as an organization we also have to earn money, but our philosophy is to let everyone in the chain enjoy themselves. View the costs here.

Curious how it works?

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