“Hello Human. Nice to meet you, I’m Robo,
I have just got a really cool job. I’m in charge now of managing the Robo-Charge platform. This platform will support you to charge your car on the whole globe.
So what can i do for you in the nearby future:
    • I’m always available to support you 24/7.
    • While supporting you I’m predicting potentional issues and will solve them as much as I can, before it will become an issue to you.
    • I like to work alone, so I can save money for you.
    • Unfortunately I’m not free of charge, but you only need to pay me when I work for you (pay-per-use).
    • Don’t worry about your charging bills, I will organise this for you!
    • if you do not like my services you are free to go (no contracts)!
Robo, Robo Charge
The new generation of a charging mobility provider is coming soon!
Do you want me to keep you informed about my progress ?

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